Releasing the Need to Always Be Right (And Why It Helps You Reclaim Your Power)

Alix Nichole
4 min readOct 5, 2022
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For most of my life, I proudly identified as an intense person with a clear, unmistakable sense of right and wrong. With this came strong emotions about most everything. I got an adrenaline rush from my outrage at news events. While I loved laughing until I cried, I found equal release in sobbing during many movies.

I remember being completely swept up in Thelma and Louise racing off the cliff only to realize I had embarrassed my then-fiance with my seemingly bizarre and misplaced emotions. In the awkward car ride home, I began to see that I couldn’t edit myself as he wanted me to. It was the first of many clues that I was engaged to the wrong man.

Thelma and Louise

Even as my emotions shaped my life experience and left me feeling like an outsider more often than not, I felt confident in my assessments of what was happening to me and around me.

From the youngest age I could remember, right and wrong seemed pretty straightforward.

In third grade, I was appalled as the biggest girl in the class took everyone’s lunch, and I stood up to her with a seething, righteous fury. It must have…



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